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Sergio & Laila in Give me a ride Movie


Duration: 7min 32sec Views: 666 Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: I was stopping to get some gas when I saw Laila. She was looking cute, standing at the pay phone, in her tiny skirt. She missed the bus and it was raining outside. She was all soaked and I could see through her white t shirt. She had a cute smile and a sexy ass in that short skirt. I invited her back to my place and she decided to go. I was talking about her short skirt and that little freak showed him her panties. Then, she teased me and showed me a glimpse of her perky tits. I almost crashed looking at her, and I raced back home. When we got back, I offered to put her clothes in the dryer and she went along after some monetary convincing. She took off that skirt and she had a sexy round ass. Then, she started playing with her sweet pussy before she got down on her knees and sucked my cock. Then, I banged her juicy pussy and she rode that cock. I spurted my cream all over her and she loved it.