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Luna: Rude Brat Taught The Error Of Her Ways - PascalsSubsluts

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Description: Luna Toxxxic: Rude Brat Taught The Error Of Her WaysLuna Toxxxic makes money from being a dominatrix. From what I'd heard about her before I even saw a picture, she's not a woman you'd want to mess with. This week's updates document her transformation into an utterly willing, entirely compliant and feverishly cunt-soaked PascalsSubSlut. It's magnificent to behold.To fully appreciate her scene, here's some back story. She lives with Lily Brutal. When we last shot Lily, P and her were talking about Luna and how she didn't want to do PSS. It later transpired, during some chats P had with Luna on Twitter, that she did have a bit of a sub side. It wasn't the rough sex aspect of PSS that put her off. It was the degradation. Pascal then shot a vanilla scene with her, nothing to do with PSS. He gained her trust and explained how we always work within the individual limits of each girl. Did she want to have a chat with me to talk things through? Sure, she said. To my surprise, she was onboard from the off. We went through her do's and don'ts. There were quite a few don'ts but more than enough do's to work with, so I booked her in.Madison Stuart: Unfinished BusinessAnyone who saw Madison Stuart's first scene for PSS won't have forgotten it. The girl was so turned on that when she was told to expose herself to the camera for the first time, for her solo vid, her pussy was creaming heavily. She pretty much came non-stop all the way through her vids. Alas I wasn't in attendance for this one, I just edited it. But despite seeing her get off so much I felt there was still a lot more to be got from her. I wanted to bring her back and get Pascal to really push her, for him to be rougher with her, to tease the hell out of her and then fuck her to smithereens. And all that was A-OK with Madison. She wanted to shoot a harder scene herself. She brought along a collar and chain, a ball gag and some ankle restraints. She made a point of saying that her biggest turn-on is getting choked. The 23-year-old woman who emerges from her interview is somebody who's a little shy and a bit of a homebird ("a wallflower," she calls herself) and who's only fucked four guys in her private life. Put that together with a sexuality that craves really rough sex and you've got something pretty explosive, and the videos we then shot with her did not disappoint.The scene begins with Madison strung up to the hook in the ceiling by her neck, her ankles and wrists bound and with a ball-gag in her mouth. She's then pushed forward by Pascal so she can't breath, and made to count down from ten, and also made to do this herself. She's then fingered until she cums, still strung up, and fucked until she cums twice. She also starts to cry, in a good way, something that she repeats later on. Loula Lou: Virgin Sub Jumps In The Deep End. Here at PSS we love all our SubSluts but it’s hard not to have favourites and speaking personally I do like a girl who hasn’t had a lot of experience getting fucked rough and wants to try it out properly. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it takes balls. Yes we use safe words, yes that means the girls really are in charge of everything during their shoots despite what the scenes look like. But to agree to pretty much everything on our list without knowing how any of it’s going to really feel like, physically, mentally, emotionally, and to have it all recorded on video with the whole world to watch – well, that takes a special kind of woman. So step up, Loula Lou, and take a bow, girl. You were amazing. Things kick off with Loula’s solo scene. She was nervous as hell at the start of the day and who can blame her, but when we said we’d be happy to go and have a fag on the green while she got on with business, just her and the camcorder, she got all excited and it worked great. She wanked and came twice, once wasn’t enough. Then onto the scene with Loula playing a friend of Dr P’s who wants to get into modelling and needs some pics taken. She reckons her flexibility might stand her in good stead so we check out her splits and, well, spreadeagled thighs can have a certain effect on a man and we really shouldn’t be blamed for the deviations that took place after that. These included Loula getting her throat incessentantly pounded by Pascal’s penis, her arse thoroughly walloped, her face spat at and her throat chocked, and her dribbling, spluttering pussy pumped and pummelled with a level of ferocity that it had hitherto only dreamt of. Oh and Loula loves dirty talk. She likes being a Daddy’s girl so the good doctor was happy to supply some banter with that, but she really started to pop when he told her he wanted to organise a bunch of his pals to come round and fuck her. She’d mentioned in her interview that her fantasy was to get gang-banged and it really pushed her over the edge when we started going into detail about her getting strapped down and used by a bunch of old perverts at both ends. Suffice to say the young lady came buckets and was very amenable to swallowing Pascal’s spunk at the end. She was elated, had had a fantastic time and wanted to do it all over again, right there and then. We compromised by taking a break and then shooting the pics, when she got fucked good some more and P came again, and that's all in Saturday’s photoshoot extra. Ashleigh DeVere: Her First Porno Scene.Summer came early to PSS the other day. Yes, the whole of the UK basked in the unexpected delights of an uncommonly hot May bank holiday but they didn’t have a certain Ashleigh DeVere knocking on their front door, beaming from ear to ear but quaking in her heels at the prospect of doing her very first porno shoot – with PascalsSubSluts.com no less! We knew she was a looker from her pics but in the flesh? What a stunner!And there’s something about Ashleigh that makes her even hotter. Take a look at her pics. Eleven out of ten, right? Now add to that the fact this beautiful bitch gets really wet really quickly. Yep, walk past her on the street and it’s odds on that that sweet little pink pussy hiding underneath her flimsy summer dress is dripping sweet honey with every step she takes. And she’s sub too. Au naturellement. Loves being told what to do and getting man-handled, loves pleasing a dick. We didn’t set-up a story for the scene. We just hooked her up to the ceiling and let nature take care of the rest. And before that we shot a solo scene with her which we had to improvise a bit because she’s not much of a wanker (prefers to fuck) so Pascal made her squirt for the first time instead. And do watch the vid of the photoshoot which we’ll be putting up as an extra on Saturday because that’s the first time she gets to play with P’s dick and it’s seriously hot. Lily Brutal 2: Even Fatter Than The Last Time.As soon as we’d shot the magnificent Lily Brutal the first time we knew we had to do another scene with her. Thing was, how could we top what we’d already shot with her? Incest, BBW humiliation, food carnage, rough sex – we’d packed so much in.This wasn’t so much of a problem when we rebooked her. It had very much become a problem two hours before the shoot, after we’d been wracking our brains for ideas and come up with the sum total of completely fuck all. We shouldn’t have worried. Lily appeared, all bright, bouncy and beautiful, and suggested she play a girl we’d booked for the first time who turns up on my doorstep a whole lot bigger than she looked in her pics. Perfect. This would fit in really well with how Lily loves getting scorned and humiliated about her weight.Then she showed us the rope she’d brought along and agreed to incorporate it into her solo scene to show how she uses it to get off when she wanks. Then we talked about water and getting her face dunked in it, and cling-film and getting her head wrapped in it, and cable ties and getting her wrists bound by them, and all of a sudden we had a whole lot of juicy stuff to shoot because Lily got very excited by the idea of all of it. So after a complete brain fart of creative hopelessness, Lily saved the day by getting all our juices going and we shot everything we came up with and had a right royal rumpus with it. In stark black and white, that list is as follows:Curvy Gal: She Takes It Up The Arse This Time.Curvy Gal caused a bit of a stir when she appeared on PSS the first time. She lives in the depths of the English countryside, in a village with a dinky little pub and a cricket green and warm beer and an actual real-life troll who lives under the bridge and doesn’t even have a phone or anything. Everybody knows everybody else's business, so everyone got to know hers very quickly. This was good news for us because it meant lots of people gave us their money to join the site. We like it when this happens. Please welcome back Curvy Gal!For a lass who's been around the block a few times (by her own admission!), Sophie still has a fair few fantasies to explore. Her biggest one is to be spunked over by hundreds of guys. She literally wants to be covered in sticky, milky man juice from head to toe. This is because she has a "fluid fetish" -- spit, spunk, pee. She loves it all.But since we unfortunately didn't have hundreds of guys on hand to satisfy this particular requirement of Sophie, she's just got to do with the good Dr P. But she's not disappointed! Ho no. Treat her like dirt, ram a cock all the way down each of her three fuck holes, spit on her, make her squirt (and oh my, this bitch gushes!), and she's in seventh heaven.As can be witnessed by this week's jolly good PascalsSubSluts scene. Enjoy!
Models: Ashleigh Devere