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ExtraBigDicks Video: Magnum Cum Loud

Submitted by: Extra Big Dicks
Duration: 6min 00sec Views: 7 198 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: This week, we have a familiar face that always brings a smile to our member's faces, Tommy Defendi. There is a thick sense of accomplishment to whoever gets to be on the receiving end of Tommy's cock. Originally from Chicago, 20 year old Tommy definitely has the kind of cock every size queen dreams of unwrapping. It's the kind of dick that can only be shrouded in Magnum condoms. With that in mind, we have a co-star by the same name, Mr. John Magnum. John is a buff, beautiful Southern addition to our stable of hung men. One look at this dreamy jock and you know that more than stars fell on Alabama the night this 25 year old arrived. They both consider themselves bisexual. Both agree that men and women are different in between the sheets. For Tommy, he loves that with men it's aggression for control. 'It's hard to get a woman to take control ,which is good, cuz when I'm with a woman I like to take control' Tommy says. John agrees completely and gingerly confesses that women aren't so good at topping. 'Whenever I bottom I've never done a strap-on with a woman I've liked; so I prefer to bottom for men.' Tommy laughs and agrees he's had several bad experiences with strap-ons. Fortunately, no props are needed this afternoon. So let the fun begin...They start breaking the ice slowly as they make out. Tommy can't keep his hands off his new toy as he gropes John's crotch with one hand while pulling off John's tee with the other. One look at John and you can't blame Tommy for wanting to unwrap this morsel sooner than later. Soon enough, they are both down to their underwear. Then it's John's turn to satisfy his own curiosity. Tommy is sporting a sexy beard today. He has also left his body natural. He sits back and just watches as John hauls out his cock and gets to work. John sucks on his thick cock, making it throb as he swirls his mouth all over his knob and shaft. Tommy loves every minute of it, but soon wants to return the favor. Much to his surprise, John is packin quite the whopper of his own. His thick Alabama boner is a full 8½' and thick as all hell from base to tasty tip. Tommy shoves that meat deep, wanting to get every inch in his mouth as John's eyes roll into the back of his head. They are both hooked. Soon, it's John that needs more of Tommy's cock as Tommy gets his cock back inside John's expert mouth, making him that much harder for the fucking to come.The next thing we see is that thick massive cock and smooth balls start to make their way closer to one clenched hairy hole as Tommy gets that hole fucked by the smooth-muscled god behind him. John means business. He's in that ass deep as he makes Tommy moan like a bitch as he pounds away at that ass. John's smooth balls and ass look delicious as we get a hot shot from below. John pounds away at Tommy's ass doggy style for a while, til Tommy decides he wants to ride it instead. John quickly sits back and orders Tommy to get on it. Tommy sits back down on that thick cock as he gets that ass stretched wide. 'Oh, it feels good' he groans, as John continues to tell him to ride his cock. Tommy likes when a man takes control, and that's exactly what he's getting as John owns that fuckhole of his that few get to tap. The fucking is insane as John is relentless in getting as much of his beer can cock up into Tommy's cock-loving hole. Tommy's boner is like a trampoline as it bounces freely with every thrust he gets. To finish him off, John fucks that sweet hole missionary and that's gonna do the trick. Tommy takes it as long as he can, before exploding his thick load all over himself, while John fucks the cum out of him all over his face and pecs, surprising even himself. John pulls out and strokes off his own batch that he blows all over Tommy's cum drenched abs.
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