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Swtich Ts Tiffany and Katja Kassin taking turns bottoming


Duration: 4min 00sec Views: 164 364 Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: There is tension in the room. Tension that both women are trying to ignore, waiting for the other one to make the move, to say the thing that will lead to a kiss, or more...But that just will not happen because both girls are too shy to say what they want. Instead they both fantasize about what it they want to do to each other. Katja ties Tiffany up, sucks on her hard cock until she is close to cumming. So close it hurts and Katja knows it. She denies Tiffany in a painful teasing game where her cock is just out of reach of Katja's wet pussy. When Tiffany dreams off of fucking Katja she is buried balls deep in Katja's ass, exploding a load so hot and big Katja is just as surprised as she is turned on. Back and forth the game continues in their minds - Tiffany tied up getting fucked by Katja's Strap-on. Katja tied up getting rammed by Tiffany's cock. Orgasm denial, hardcore fucking and switch play and in the fantasy world of these two women.
Tags: Katja Kassin
Models: Katja Kassin
buttfkr 31 Jul 2015 5

Would love to take her dick in my ass and have her cum in it.

E 26 Mar 2015 5

HOTbut to SHORT!!!!!!!