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Vanessa Williams Takes the Wrap for her Stepbrother


Duration: 7min 49sec Views: 5 103 Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: We didn't have time to check Vanessa Williams out. But her tight shorts make her round cheeks irresistible, making any guy take a peak. You see, she and her stepbrother came back from the store in a panic. Her stepbrother accidentally crashed the bumper of his dad's car. He's in trouble for sure. Yet, there is a way out of the punishment: Vanessa takes the fault. His dad is sweet on her...maybe a little too sweet. But that's for another video. Vanessa does consider taking the wrap, but she of course wants something in return. Wondering what that might be? You are here at Taboo18. She wants to play with his cock. We love horny 18 year olds like her. Even though he's in complete shock that his stepsister wants his dick, he gives in. He doesn't want to get in trouble. We're pretty sure he's as horny. Can you blame him, his stepsister is hot. She slowly strips down to her birthday suit, teasing him until he's hard enough for her mouth. The real fun begins when she replaces her jerking hands with her lips, tongue, and throat. She's glad he's big enough to make her gag. We're thinking he'll be getting into some more trouble.