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The Training of David Chase Episode 1 one week in chastity

from divinebitches.com

Submitted by: Divine Bitches
Duration: 4min 00sec Views: 25 256 Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Divine Bitch: Mistress Ashley Fires Slave: David Chase Mistress Ashley Fires just gets better and better! Slave David Chase is let out of chastity for one painful last milking. He's then sent home for a week in his belt before returning for training. He's flogged and subjected to CBT. He's made to fetch sex toys for his mistress and get her off while heavy weights are attached to his nuts. Mistress Ashley attaches a huge vibrator to his belt then rides him for her pleasure. The look on David's face is priceless. He's so close but so far away from her pussy. Mistress Ashley sends him home with a stack of nudey magazines. He's made to look at these and Divine Bitches porn once a day then document it with dated photos. Upon his return he will share the photos with the next Divine Bitch and all of you. Together we will witness his tough week in chastity. Simply divine! Training day one was tough, his week in chastity will be worse. Return to Divine Bitches to see what his documented week in chastity entails! This update includes chastity, CBT, flogging, tease and denial, pussy worship, humiliation, the Aneros prostate milker and much more! Maitresse's Evaluation Objectives chastity give up control of manhood multi-tasking and task managment learn to serve mutiple dommes simultaneously sexual service selfless sexual service Closing assessment accept chastity better able to think with brain rather cock slave will get overloaded serving more then one domme at a time remain in chastity to reinforce selfless sexual service