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transsexual screwed a fortunate boy - csm

from Anonymous

Duration: 18min 53sec Views: 51 629 Submitted: 6 years ago
Categories: Shemale
papi 05 May 2015 -1

Ilyen csodás dúgás útán lekéne nyelni.

MXX 06 Apr 2015 0


Kellyanne lynn 12 Aug 2013 0

Excellent Video!

Katie Loves Girls 26 Jul 2013 0


Patrick Fucker 06 Jul 2013 -1

The gorgeous Isabelle Frazao

Anonymous 10 Jun 2013 0

i call next! :p

HandSome 24 Apr 2013 0

he really liked it :D

Smithy Smith 01 Mar 2013 0

I REALLY love this transexual....... She's got a beautiful face with such pretty eyes. Her pouty lips, perky nose, long silky black hair, her big natural breasts, tall slender body, flat belly, long legs and olive skin are nothing short of positively SEXY!!! And her perfect penis............ pretty and clean and her eggbag are very very suckable. I'd love and worship her crotch area for the rest of my life if she was my babe. God, would I ever love for her to breed my ass. My cock would drip pre-jizz if she humped me like this. My ass would try to milk her wonderful pecker. And my body would tremble with absolute pleasure to be dominated by such a PERFECT LADY. I'm extremely turned on by such fantastic butt-breeding. I'd bend over every time she'd snap her fingers, suck her dick to full attention and ride her sperm missle at her beckon call. Pleasing this Angel-treasure would be my top priority.............. I would have her screw my mouth when she's ready to cum. Eating her delicious sperm would always complete our sexual intercourse. And a thorough ass kissing, sucking and licking would help her relax and would show my complete loyalty, appreciation and admiration for this princess. And I would truly enjoy ever precious minute my mouth was tasting her sweet body, LET ME PLEASE EAT YOUR TRANNY SEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar len 20 Feb 2013 0

luckiest man alive. s/he is a supermodel.

Jeff Roman 05 Sep 1970 0