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I Hope the Story Contenous - Naughtia Dominant-Bitch

from Root_Eva

Duration: 50min 23sec Views: 588 362 Submitted: 7 years ago
ffeerr16 02 Mar 2017 -1


Anonymous 09 Aug 2015 0

no way did she shit in his mouth I didn't see any

Anonymous 09 Jun 2015 0

This chick is bootilicious, movie could do without all the chatter. Hopefully, they'll show her naked from the front too! And guys let's leave all the racist crap alone and enjoy a movie of a great looking chick doing sexual things with guys who apparently like what she's doing.

vasjek 11 Mar 2015 0

?????? ???? ?????

THICKDICK 12 Feb 2015 0

There is a friend of mine and she is built just like this girl. I have a ### fantasy of her sitting on my face and me fucking her brains out afterwards! Her name is Chris.

Anonymous 10 Feb 2015 0

any one know this sexy bitches name?

Fuckyouknight4444 09 Feb 2015 0

Lmao, but yet whites are the racist ones. first of all, it is staged. They do that in these kind of domination videos. I guess they think that that it adds to the scene when the submissive shows that he doesn't like it... 2ND, you want to talk about whining and bitching? BLACKS are the leaders in that. If their not bitching about welfare, their bitching about having no money because they spent it all on ###s. And if they run out of stuff to cry about, they can always claim that white whites are racist and make a news story about it. They cry and sniffle and say, ###r us ###r us, we want to be created as equals, but yet are the first ones to scream I ### white people. But I'm sorry, thats life. You are going to run into discrimination even if you are WHITE. you suck it up and move on. but no, blacks scream racism and and start riots and burn buildings down like what happened in Ferguson. Theres problems with all races. Look at the individual and stop judging based off their race you stupid TWAT.

knight4444 08 Dec 2014 0

GODDESS NAUGHTIA is unbelievable, but of course we'll get typical WHITE BOY crying and moaning about her ass!! her weight!! but when isn't WHITE GUY bitching about something??? and then they wonder why WHITE WOMEN are dumping them to date outside their race LMAO