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Taking Down Bobbi Starr


Duration: 4min 00sec Views: 75 611 Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: We play a game with Bobbi Starr. It is simple. If she can get away she gets an extra 100 bucks. For each article of clothing she can keep on she gets 25 bucks. Bobbi loses all the money immediately as five big men surround her and hold her down in human bondage. She struggles to get away as her ass and pussy are brutally pounded. This update focuses on human bondage and the struggle to get away. Watch as Bobbi is totally overpowered and controlled. Incapable of escaping or keeping cocks out of her holes. Bobbi deep throats huge black dicks while tied up, then gets DP'ed in bondage and without.
Models: Bobbi Starr
3lochStute 08 Jan 2018 -3

I Want this

Anonymous 26 Nov 2017 0


Frustrated 19 Sep 2017 -2

Really pisses me off that so many of these clips are a pathetic four minutes long. Really wish this one had been longer, so I could see more of her, who's natural and really pretty. The scenario of giving her a chance to escape in such close quarters is so stupid the writer should be smacked. Like her struggling. Imagine with fewer guys she'd be quite the handful to control.